Instalment payments are here - ART HIDE X SPLITIT

Instalment payments are here - ART HIDE X SPLITIT

Art Hide is excited to announce our partnership with Splitit - a new way to pay that splits your payment into instalments on your own credit card. This is fee and interest free! You can now select to pay with Splitit at the cart and take advantage of our Beat the Price Rise sale with 20% off before June 30. Art Hide’s prices go up 15% after this time, so lock in the deal while it is here and pay for your purchase in up to 12 instalments on your own credit card!

Introducing Art Hide and Splitit Payments

You can now choose Splitit to pay for any Art Hide purchase, no matter where you are based or what credit card you have.

Splitit isn’t like other “buy now, pay later” options. It’s entirely different—free of fees, applications, and credit checks. 

For the responsible credit card user who pays diligently and doesn’t want a new loan under their name, Splitit is a smarter, more sensible choice.

How do Art Hide and Splitit Payments work together to make art buying easy and affordable?

Splitit is offered on the Art Hide webstore as an instalment payment option using your own credit card. You can pay in up to 12 instalments, interest and fee free!

The benefits of using Art Hide and Splitit Payments

A new reason to love your credit card.

When you don’t want a new loan, but still want control over your monthly cash flow, Splitit is the easy answer.

Finally, payment installments on your terms. Not someone else’s.

Welcome to ultimate payment flexibility. With Splitit, you choose the number of monthly installments and they show up right on your credit card statement. Best of all? Splitit never adds any interest or fees.*  

*0% interest will apply as long as you pay in full your card statement balance each month.

Keep the rewards coming.

With traditional “buy now, pay later” choices, you lose out on the credit card points you love. With Splitit, you keep all your points, which is especially nice for those larger purchases on your wishlist

How to use Art Hide and Splitit Payments to buy your Art Hide purchase

When you proceed to the checkout, select ‘other payment options’. Once there, select Splitit and follow the prompts. An external website will open to allow you to pick the number of instalments you wish to pay in (up to 12).

FAQs about Art Hide and Splitit Payments


For detailed information about Splitit, please checkout their website!